Current Events at Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ.

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Click to go to MISSOULA COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Covid Update page.

CLICK for December 21,2021 Project UPDATE & Capital Campaign Report.

November  2021:  Meetings with potential buyer and developer continue to progress.
Plans for the final installation of the organ are in process.

Click for July 25 2021 PROJECT UPDATE

JUNE 11, 2021 – Click for Project UPDATE

February 14, 2021:  NEW SOUND SYSTEM is installed, and in use!  Hearing assistance devices and Bluetooth connections for your hearing aids will be available soon.
Let us make a new sound to the Lord!  
September 20 2020 UPDATE: Lighting, Organ, SOUND
CLICK: August 16 2021: Blessed Trinity Worship Space LIGHTING Update.
CLICK: New Blessed Trinity ORGAN

and an OVERVIEW of the MaintainRenewImagine planning process.

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTINUE TO OFFER YOUR STEWARDSHIP WEEKLY OR MONTHLY SACRIFICIAL GIFT.  If you are unable to be present at Mass, please remember to MAIL your weekly/monthly stewardship to the parish;  You can also sign up for AUTO-DEBIT (Please contact the parish office for further information.  Your REGULAR offering is vital for the continuing life and ministry of Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ.

Click to go to the RACIAL JUSTICE Resource page

ARE YOU…. Looking for a vibrant, strong and visionary community of faith? Searching for people embracing the vision, hope and spirit of the Second Vatican Council? Seeking a worshiping community whose song is strong and true, where the liturgy is celebrated with conviction, beauty and truth? Desiring to be part of a people whose life and worship leads to mission, service and care for those in need both close to home and far away? Hoping to find a church where you are welcome for who you are, a house to share your gifts, your spirit, your life? Needing a church where faith is shared with every generation and lived with a generous and welcoming heart? Come and see….YOU are welcome here anytime, any day, any Sunday.  Come and see how we have found Jesus Christ, the risen one who lives among us all. 

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