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The Parish Finance Council collaborates with the pastor and the parish finance coordinator in all financial matters pertaining to the parish. The finance council, in collaboration with the pastor and staff Financial Services Coordinator, prepares the parish budget based on the goals and objectives set by the Pastoral Council and prepares the yearly financial report. The finance council monitors the parish budget (income and expenditures) on a regular basis. Finance council members are appointed by the pastor in consultation with the pastoral staff and the Pastoral Council. One member is appointed by the Pastoral Council.

GOOD NEWS RECEIVED WITH A GRATEFUL HEART.  A gift of $1000 was recently made to each our parishes (Blessed Trinity AND Spirit of Christ) endowment with the FOUNDATION FOR THE DIOCESE OF HELENA.   Click HERE  for more information about this gift and how we can add $2000, for each of our parishes to the Endowment.  BOTH BLESSED TRINITY AND SPIRIT OF CHRIST HAVE ADDED AN ADDITIONAL $2000 TO THE ENDOWMENT FOR EACH PARISH!  THANK YOU.  Click for more information about THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DIOCESE OF HELENA

BLESSED TRINITY FINANCE COUNCIL:  Dale Barnum, Chair; Richard Moog, Hans Zuuring, Caroline Pickolick (Pastoral Council Representative); Fr. Ed Hislop, Pastor
Parish Financial Services Staff Coordinator:  Carol Murphy

GOOD NEWS regarding the Holy Family Property.  Holy Family Property (land, rectory and Church building has been sold to MOUNT ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH of Missoula  (web-MountZionMissoula).  Closing occurred May 30, 2014.  Mount Zion held its first worship service in their “new” facility on Sunday, July 20, 2014.  We pray that God’s blessings will be with them in the days and years ahead.
The monies received from the sale of the property has been placed in a special escrow account, separate from any Diocesan accounts.  This is necessary due to the current Diocese of Helena Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.  At the end of that process (which we hope will conclude in the Fall 2014), the money will be placed in a special savings account for the exclusive use of Blessed Trinity.  As a result of the sale of this property we have paid all our parish debt and loans to the Diocese, leaving a considerable balance which will be available to Blessed Trinity.

Blessed Trinity 2014/15 Approved BUDGET
The complete Blessed Trinity 2013/14 Financial Report will be available here September 1, 2014.

John Fuchs, Chair; John Hauck; Michelle Linneman; Fr. Ed Hislop, Pastor
Parish Financial Services Staff Coordinator:  Carol Murphy

All Spirit of Christ parishioners have received an important letter from Father Hislop regarding Stewardship during the new 2014/15 fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2014 (the letter was mailed on Monday, June 30).
Click  HERE  for the letter.  Please be generous in your response.  Thank you.

Click for Spirit of Christ 2014-2015 APPROVED BUDGET
The complete 2013/14 FINANCIAL STATEMENT will be available here
when it is completed (September 1, 2014)

Diocese of Helena Deposit & Loan Policy


Diocese of Helena Parish FINANCE COUNCIL POLICY

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