“Come and See:” Adults INQUIRING into the Catholic Faith: A time for questions and discovery

what_are_you_looking_for_COME&SEE_web_bannerYOU ARE WELCOME HERE!  Stop by the parish offices any time.

Visit our community on Saturday at the Blessed Trinity 5:00pm Mass
or Sunday at the 8:00 am Mass (Spirit of Christ Lolo)
or Sunday morning at 10:00 Mass at Blessed Trinity

If you are interested or would like more information
please visit with a parishioner or parish staff person, or call the parish office, 721-2405.  PEACE!

When you desire or feel ready, the opportunity to join parishioners in various activities and ministries will be provided. You may be invited to share a meal or for a simple visit.  We want to let you “get to know us” as we welcome you and begin to “get to know you.”

You may want to share your story and listen to the story of others as we converse together and begin to develop some caring relationships. There will be time to hear the story of Jesus as members of the parish community tell the good news they have to share about the Lord Jesus, and the story of the Christian faith as it is lived in the Catholic communion.  It will be told through the great stories of Scripture, through the history and tradition of our Church, through the lives of ordinary Christians.  The parish community of Blessed Trinity and Spirit of Christ is EAGER to share your journey of faith, your experience of God, for we believe you have much to offer and a “holy story” to share!  We want you to see how God has always been with you and where God is leading you today!

Faith is a JOURNEY we walk TOGETHER!  We are all “on the way!”

For a short reflection, Click on the following links:
Have you LISTENED to your SOUL lately?

Are YOU seeking a FAITH Community?

Whoever you are, Whatever you’ve done, Wherever you’ve been, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE

Do you have a child or children 7 years old or older who have not been baptized? We welcome you to join in the journey of faith leading to the font of baptism!  Contact the parish office for further information.



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