Virtus: Protecting our Children

Virtus: Safe Environment- PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN

Several training sessions for the Missoula Deanery are regularly scheduled.  For dates and time please contact the Blessed Trinity Parish Office (721-2405).    Judy Cooney, Blessed Trinity Faith Formation Coordinator, is  a trained, certified facilitator.  Judy will lead training sessions for Blessed Trinity, Spirit of Christ and other Missoula Deanery Parishes.

ALL ADULTS who work or minister among and with children and/or vulnerable adults are required to attend a workshop and be current on monthly bulletins.  This includes faith formation, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Vacation Bible School, and Pastoral Care Ministers.  However ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED in the Church’s efforts to provide a safe environment for all is welcome. 
For more information please contact Judy Cooney at Blessed Trinity.

For TRAINING SESSION SCHEDULE call the parish office.  

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throughout the Diocese of Helena

All questions, concerns or allegations related to sexual abuse in the Diocese of Helena should be directed to the Victim’s Advocate for the Diocese of Helena (phone 406-459-0513). Any person who believes that a minor has been abused by a cleric, church worker or volunteer is encouraged to report the incident to the Victim’s Advocate. All information received will be treated with confidentiality.               

Every person who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect of a minor is encouraged to report the incident to Child Protective Services at 866-820-5437.

The Bishop is willing to meet victims of clergy sexual abuse individually. Contact the Diocese by email at or by phone at 406-459-0513.

CLICK FOR 2022 Diocese of Helena Policy
Regarding Abuse of Minors,
Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Harassment,
and Code of Pastoral Conduct

(July 2022)

Click for “Quick Guide,” 2022 Diocese of Helena Safe Environment Policy

“No victim of sexual abuse should suffer alone.  If you are such a victim, please know we support you in your effort to find healing and we urge you to seek the help you need.  If you know anyone who has suffered sexual abuse, please encourage them to come forward…”  Diocese of Helena

Those who may wish to contact the Diocese of Helena may do so by email: or by phone at 406-459-0513.

CLICK for the Charter for
the Protection of Children and Young People 

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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