Liturgical Ministry

The liturgy and music ministries at Blessed Trinity Catholic Community and Spirit of Christ Mission are guided by the principles of the Second Vatican Council: “The Church desires that all the faithful be led to that full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations called for by the nature of the liturgy. Such participation by the Christian people is their right and duty by reason of their baptism.” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #14)

All members of the parish are welcome to participate in a variety of ministries, liturgical and musical: as lectors, ministers of Holy Communion, servers, ushers, greeters, art and environment, bread bakers, singers, or instrumentalists.

The Parish Liturgy Team meets regularly, on a seasonal basis.

Those who desire to share in these various ministries participate in the Liturgical Ministries Formation Session provided periodically throughout the year.


The liturgy of the Catholic Church is marked by a variety of ministries reflecting the diversity of the whole church:
  The ministry of “being the assembly!”
  Those who welcome the assembly: Greeters, ministers of Hospitality;
  Those who prepare the liturgy: Liturgy Core Team;
  Those who lead the song of the assembly; cantors, choir, singers, music ministers, instrumentalists;
Those who design and care for the worship environment: Artists, weavers, florists, graphic designers, wood craftspersons, engineers;
  Those who prepare for worship: Sacristans and Acolytes;
  Those who proclaim the Word: Readers;
  Those who prepare bread for the Eucharist: Bread Bakers;
  Those who serve at the Table:
Ministers of Holy Communion, servers, cross-bearers;
  Those who collect the money gifts: Ushers;
Those who serve as acolyte or as assistants;
  Those who serve as leaders of movement and gesture;
  Those who preach the Gospel: homilists;
Those who gather all the ministries into “Holy Order”: Presiders/priest.
  Those who lead liturgical prayer: Prayer leaders for Services of the Word, Liturgy of Hours, Intercessory Prayer
and other devotional prayer experiences.

Formation sessions and days of prayer are provided periodically
for all liturgical ministers.

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