Welcome to Blessed Trinity Catholic Community and Spirit of Christ Mission

Living and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ; Fulfilling the Mission of the Catholic Church.
In Southwest Missoula and Lolo.

Current Events at Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ

+Click to donate directly to CATHOLIC CHARITIES hurricane Harvey Relief
=Click to DONATE through the DIOCESE OF HELENA+
+You may also donate directly through Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ.  Make your check payable to Blessed Trinity or Spirit of Christ and on the MEMO line write HURRICANE HARVEY.  THANK YOU!
“The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have asked for a special collection to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey and to provide pastoral and rebuilding support to impacted dioceses.”


For MORE about Blessed Trinity Neighborhood PICNIC click on the BULLETIN TAB above, then on “This Week’s Bulletin.”

+Click for PRAYER in the midst of FIRE

Click for the HOMILY Feast of Assumption of Mary August 15 2017 + “The violent and hateful events in Charlottesville have raised again the dragon’s ugly head… We cannot be silent, lest in our silence we become complicit…”

Bishop Thomas warns Federal Budget would have “catastrophic effects” on the most vulnerableClick here for the complete text of his “intervention” at the June 2017 meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


>>>Upcoming full parish gatherings to discuss continuing development of the “Blessed Trinity Vision” will be scheduled soon for Autumn 2017.

Click here to view the PowerPoint Presentation at the March 26 2017
This includes an OVERVIEW of the process thus far and REVISED renderings based on the input received at the January 2017 Full Parish Meeting
Click HERE to go to the MaintainRenewImagine page for updates on the Blessed Trinity Building and Grounds PROJECTS


Click HERE for MORE about “COME & SEE”
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The Pope’s latest “Apostolic Exhortation:”
Click for the Complete Document:
“Amoris-Laetitia,” “The Joy of Love.”

Click to go to the Pope Francis “LAUDATO SI” page..











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