Sacramental Preparation

What makes us uniquely Catholic? Many would say it’s our way of looking at the world sacramentally. We see God in our world, not only because God created it but also because God sustains it and acts in it now… If we develop the habit of seeking God’s presence everywhere, then we can see how the most natural events are permeated with the divine… So the Sacraments celebrate what’s already there. You have probably already had moments when you felt “touched by God.” (Kathy Coffey, Baptism and Beyond)

Baptism: Baptism incorporates us into the life of Christ. Parents who wish to celebrate the baptism of their infant or young child make the promise to continue to bring this child Sunday after Sunday to celebrate our life in Christ. The parents are prepared in ways that are needed for their own family’s journey.

First Eucharist and Reconciliation: When a child reaches the age of seven or older, they are invited to the Lord’s Table, to Eucharist, “the fount and apex of the whole Christian life” (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church). Parents take time to reflect upon the Sacrament and then prepare to bring their children to the Lord’s Table to be nourished by Christ when the child is ready. They also prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation at this time. The parish needs to further develop ways to support parents and children during this process.

Confirmation: During the junior or senior year of high school teenagers are invited to the Sacrament of Confirmation. They take time to explore who they already are as members of the Body of Christ, and prepare to recognize, in a special way, the Holy Spirit poured out into their lives through the Sacrament.

Marriage: When two people approach the Sacrament of Marriage they do not simply approach a contract between two people, their Christian marriage “becomes an efficacious sign, the sacrament of the covenant of Christ and the Church” (CCC 1617). For this reason great care and time must be taken in preparation for marriage, where two people continually confer the Sacrament upon one another for the rest of their lives. The Parish will begin a process where not only the priest, but also married couples living the Sacrament and the entire parish will walk with those preparing for marriage.  For further details on Marriage at Blessed Trinity / Spirit of Christ click on the Marriage Tab in Sacraments.

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