The liturgy and music ministries at Blessed Trinity Catholic Community and Spirit of Christ Mission are guided by the principles of the Second Vatican Council: “The Church desires that all the faithful be led to that full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations called for by the nature of the liturgy. Such participation by the Christian people is their right and duty by reason of their baptism.” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #14)

All members of the parish are welcome to participate in a variety of ministries, liturgical and musical: as lectors, ministers of Holy Communion, servers, ushers, greeters, art and environment, bread bakers, singers, or instrumentalists. Those who desire to share in these various ministries participate in the Liturgical Ministries Formation Session provided periodically throughout the year.

The Parish Liturgy Team meets on the second Thursday of the month.

Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions

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  1. Daniel Horton says:

    I crave correspondence with someone who would give me time to explain many things Catholic and biblical. I was raised Protestant but I don’t believe in protesting the Catholic Church. I don’t have a lot of time available as I I’m the sole employee of a business. I am very knowledgeable of the Bible but I need more. If someone could help me with understanding I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    • FatherEd says:

      Daniel….I apologize for taking so long to respond to your post on our website. I would be happy to visit with you about your request. Please give me a call at Blessed Trinity, 406-721-2405. Blessing to you during this unique days of Easter hope. Many thanks, Fr. Hislop

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