Liturgical Schedule

Sunday Eucharist

The font and summit of our faith and our life!

The faith communities of Blessed Trinity
and Spirit of Christ Mission

gather to celebrate the Sunday Lord’s Supper at 5:00 pm on Saturday
at Blessed Trinity;
On SUNDAY morning
at 8:00 am
at Spirit of Christ Mission Lolo;
and at 10:00 am at Blessed Trinity.


CORONA VIRUS UPDATE….Due to the pandemic daily mass will continue to be suspended during the summer. This includes the Village Health Care Center Friday Mass.

2020-21 Autumn and Winter weekday Mass:
Wednesday & Thursday, 12:10 pm
FRIDAY:  10:00 am every First and Third Friday,
Village Health Care Center (located at 2651 South Avenue West, Missoula).  All are welcome!
as announced.
HOLY DAYS, as announced.  (Refer to parish CALENDAR or the BULLETIN.)

CORONA VIRUS UPDATE:  Holy Communion to the homebound cannot be offered due to the Corona Virus.  If there is an urgent need to the Sacrament of the Sick or Holy Communion, however, please contact Fr. Hislop at the parish office.

HOLY COMMUNION TO THE HOMEBOUND OR HOSPITALIZED is provided on a weekly basis.  If you are unable to participate in Sunday Mass and would like Holy Communion, please call the parish office.

Pastoral Visit and HOLY COMMUNION is provided daily at COMMUNITY HOSPITAL.  Please call the parish office for communion at Community Hospital. REMEMBER to “request a pastoral visit” when being checked in at the Hospital.

CORONA VIRUS UPDATE-June 2020:  If a pastoral visit is desired at Community Hospital for Holy Communion or the Sacrament of the sick, please call Fr. Hislop at the parish office.  The same is true for St. Patrick Hospital (there you may speak with someone from the Spiritual Care Department and they will contact the parish.

THE SACRAMENT OF PENANCE/Reconciliation, every Saturday (except Holy Saturday) at 4:00 pm. Celebrated in the Reconciliation Chapel located in the main worship space.  Click on the SACRAMENTS tab above, and then on Reconciliation, for further information and preparation guide.

LITURGY OF HOURS (Morning and Evening Prayer), as scheduled.

Click HERE to go directly to the LITURGY OF HOURS page (where you can find the complete Liturgy of Hours for each day)

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