Current Events at Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ.

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Hymn for the week, “Amid the noise and troubles of these days…”


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CLICK for: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Letter

CLICK for: Message from Pope Francis
CLICK for the Homily:  Feast of Holy Trinity, June 7, 2020 
CLICK for the Homily: Feast of Pentecost May 31, 2020
CLICK for: Letter of Bishop Austin Vetter, Bishop of Helena
on the death of George Floyd and National protests.

CLICK for: WHEN WORDS FALL SHORT: A Pastoral Letter on Racism.
Bishop George Leo Thomas, Bishop of Las Vegas

CLICK for: Statement of Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark

As always, but especialy during these “Virus-days” of “isolation” and “stay at home” protcols, Blessed Trinity and Spirit of Christ continues to be of support to those who may have special needs.  If you are in need of extra help or if you are aware of others among your friends or in your neighborhood who may need assistance, particularly the elderly, those who are disabled and unable to secure assistance, or those without family support, OR if you, or a family member, are in the hospital, please call the parish office and leave a message OR call Fr. Ed or Sr. Mary Jo directly (721-1675).

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTINUE TO SEND YOUR STEWARDSHIP OFFERINGS.  Please remember to MAIL your weekly/monthly stewardship to the parish, regularly.  Your REGULAR offering is vital for the continuing life and ministry of Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ.

ARE YOU…. Looking for a vibrant, strong and visionary community of faith? Searching for people embracing the vision, hope and spirit of the Second Vatican Council? Seeking a worshiping community whose song is strong and true, where the liturgy is celebrated with conviction, beauty and truth? Desiring to be part of a people whose life and worship leads to mission, service and care for those in need both close to home and far away? Hoping to find a church where you are welcome for who you are, a house to share your gifts, your spirit, your life? Needing a church where faith is shared with every generation and lived with a generous and welcoming heart? Come and see….YOU are welcome here anytime, any day, any Sunday.  Come and see how we have found Jesus Christ, the risen one who lives among us all. 


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4 Responses to Current Events at Blessed Trinity+Spirit of Christ.

  1. Joan Dodge says:

    Dear Father Ed,
    I hope you are staying well.

    I just finished viewing the slide show for 2018. While it could never replace being there for all the rituals which have always be so rich and meaningful, the pictures of past events touched my heart.
    I was so touched by seeing past members who are no longer with us: Audrey Parenteau, Loretta Bonham, and Maureen Kirchoff (I believe she is in Bozeman).
    Thank you for being an awesome spiritual leader. Take care. Joan Dodge

  2. Cathy Burleson says:

    Awesome music this week, especially A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing.

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