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UPDATE… January 5 2020 MaintainRenewImagine

UPDATE… CAPITAL CAMPAIGN for the Blessed Trinity project is scheduled to begin in WINTER 2020, as we HONOR THE PAST, SERVE THE PRESENT and PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE.  Capital Campaign Team: Gary Weisbrich (Chair); Pat Wegner (Strategic Planning Team); Hans Zuring (Finance Council); Louise Yamasaki; Carolina Bridges (Pastoral Council); Jim McDonald (Parish Financial Services); Staff:  Daniel Hampson, S. Mary Jo Quinn, Fr. Ed Hislop
UPDATE… November 2019 LIGHTING ….The Lighting project has been DELAYED.  The Lighting fixtures received were not acceptable.  New fixtures, with the proper “light temperature” will be reviewed and tested before installation.
UPDATE…BLESSED TRINITY EXCESS LAND:  Appraisals have been completed. WGM has completed the boundary line re-location and re-zoning of the entire property in preparation for the possible sale of Blessed Trinity excess land. The proposed information has been submitted to the City of Missoula.  Zoning change notification has been mailed by the City to neighborhood residents.   
Two neighborhood meetings (one at Blessed Trinity) have been held in December 2019.  Additional meetings will be held in January 2020, with the City Zoning and Planning Board and the City Council.  Updates will be published regularly in the BULLETIN.
THANKS to all who participated!!
PowerPoint Presentations at the SEVEN FULL PARISH MEETINGS

Power Point Presentation April 2015.

This presentation was also presented to the Diocese of Helena Building and renovation Commission and Bishop Thomas.  Following that gathering Blessed Trinity was encouraged to move forward.


POPE FRANCIS:  “It’s not just about migrants…it’s also about our fears.”

World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2019

The Church has been celebrating the World Day of Migrants and Refugees since 1914. It is always an occasion to express concern for many different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for the challenges and increase awareness about the opportunities that migration offers.For 2019, Pope Francis has chosen the theme “It is not just about migrants” to show up our blind-spots and make sure no one remains excluded from society, whether a long-time resident or someone newly-arrived.Video by Migrants & Refugees Section #NotJustAboutMigrants #WDMR2019

Posted by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Click for:
Catholic Actions to support Immigrant Families and Children;
United States Bishops Statement Condemning Threat of Widespread Enforcement Actions and new Rule Drastically Limiting Asylum.

These statements are also available at church entrances…..
Click to go to Parish JUSTICE FOR IMMIGRANTS page.

Click:  Bishop’s Letter on Race: “OPEN WIDE OUR HEARTS.”

ARE YOU…. Looking for a vibrant, strong and visionary community of faith? Searching for people embracing the vision, hope and spirit of the Second Vatican Council? Seeking a worshiping community whose song is strong and true, where the liturgy is celebrated with conviction, beauty and truth? Desiring to be part of a people whose life and worship leads to mission, service and care for those in need both close to home and far away? Hoping to find a church where you are welcome for who you are, a house to share your gifts, your spirit, your life? Needing a church where faith is shared with every generation and lived with a generous and welcoming heart? Come and see….YOU are welcome here anytime, any day, any Sunday.  Come and see how we have found Jesus Christ, the risen one who lives among us all. 


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