Pastoral Council

2015-09-12_1609Blessed Trinity Pastoral Council AGENDA
Monday June 1, 2015

Monday July 13 2015
Monday August 3 2015
Monday, September 14 2015
Monday, November 8, 2015
Monday, December 7, 2015
Monday February 8 2016
Monday Agenda March 7 2016
Monday Agenda May 2 2016
Monday Agenda June 6 2016
Monday Agenda Aug 8 2016
Monday Agenda September 12 2016
Pastoral Council did not meet in October 2016
Monday Agenda November 2016
Monday Agenda December 5 2016
 Pastoral Council did not meet in January 2017
Monday Agenda February 6 2017
+Monday Agenda March 6 2017
Pastoral Council did not meet in April 2017
Monday Agenda May 8 2017+
Monday Agenda July 17 2017
Monday Agenda August 7 2017
Monday Agenda September 11 2017
+Monday Agenda October 16 2017
+Monday Agenda November 13 2017

Blessed Trinity Pastoral Council MINUTES
MINUTES June 1, 2015

MINUTES July 13. 2015 
MINUTES August 3, 2015
MINUTES September 14, 2015
MINUTES November 9 2015 
MINUTES December 7 2015
MINUTES February 8 2016
MINUTES March 7 2016
MINUTES May 2 2016
MINUTES Special Meeting Sunday May 22 2016
MINUTES June 6 2016
MINUTES August 8 2016

MINUTES November 7 2016
+MINUTES December 5 2016
+MINUTES February 6 2017+
MINUTES March 6 2017 +
MINUTES May 8 2017+
MINUTES July 17 2017+
MINUTES August 7 2017
MINUTES September 11 2017+
MINUTES October 16 2017

The Pastoral Council is a community of faith-filled servants sharing responsibility with the pastor and pastoral staff for the total mission of the church at Blessed Trinity Catholic Community. The Pastoral Council reflects the life of Blessed Trinity Catholic Community, discerning both gift and need, setting priorities, and charting a course for the future with the help and insight of parish ministry core teams.

The Pastoral Council fosters the “pastoral activity” of the parish and is therefore the primary consultative group in the parish. All other parish groups are enlivened and guided by the pastor and pastoral staff with the counsel of the Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council works with the pastor and pastoral staff in coordinating and ensuring communication about the work of all parish ministry core teams and parish groups in the manner most appropriate for the parish.

What is the Pastoral Council?     How is the Pastoral Council Selected?

QUALIFICATIONS to serve on the Pastoral Council

Download this Ballot and return it to parish by placing it in the Sunday Collection or mail it to the Parish office.  Remember it is necessary to receive the consent of the person you wish to nominate.  The person must be able to participate in the SELECTION PROCESS.  THANK YOU!

The NEW 2015/18 Pastoral Council has been selected.  Names, Photographs and contact information will appear here soon.

To reach any member of the Pastoral Council, contact the parish office, 721-2405, or e-mail


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