Sunday Intercessions

The Prayer of the Faithful, also known as the General Intercessions, concludes the Liturgy of the Word at Mass and prepares us to offer our gifts. During this prayer we, with the whole church, pray for the world, the Church, those in need, the sick, the deceased and particular concerns for which prayer is needed. Through this prayer we remember that “we cannot go the Lord’s Table unless we are willing to bring the world with us.”  Click here for a short article about the General Intercessions,  14-PRAYERS OF THE BAPTIZED


Click for THE GENERAL INTERCESSIONS The Third Sunday of Easter April 19 2015

Pray these prayers through the week and bring our common prayer at the Lord’s Table to your table at home.

2 Responses to Sunday Intercessions

  1. Mary-Ann Berlot says:

    I really appreciate reading your intercessions. They are thought provoking and clearly state the message in the Sunday readings. But, I like to prepare for mass ahead of Sunday, so that I may be more open to the message on Sunday. I have read the readings and am wondering when you post your intercessions throughout the week?

    • MJo says:

      Because of our concern that the General Intercessions are timely, they are not usually posted to the website until noon on Saturday. Our intention is that they be prayed throughout the week as we live with the insights and memories of our Sunday gathering and into the real work of the liturgy, which is our lives in the world. Thank you for your comment.

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